Dimensions variable
Silicon, Rabbit fur, Metal, Glass, Fake blood, Video

The film and VR work document the artist’s consistent but hopeless attempts to restore her castrated rabbit’s libido. These include interviews with veterinarians; the creation of a sculptural sex doll for the rabbit, professionally produced as a cinematic prop – a sculpture meticulously made only from one side, to be captured from a certain angle in a specific frame; and the production of a customized VR headset for a rabbit, offering a seductive VR experience.

Throughout the video, it is not clear what is true and what is fiction, and if the rabbit is indeed the subject of this experiment; an experiment which can be seen as equally deranged as castrating a rabbit in the first place. The puzzling imagery and amorphous narrative are submerged in a tragic moment of libidinal loss and raise questions regarding the liability of art, the probity of cinema, and human-animal relations.