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‘Dorsi’ employs the layered rational of VR space vertically. The viewer first encounters a reconstruction of The Israeli Center for Digital Art’s video library, which in reality was located three floors below where the work was presented. The next environment is a reconstruction of Versailles wedding hall, located on the third floor of a Jerusalem building, whose floor collapsed in 2001 during a wedding, causing the death of 23 wedding guests and injuring almost 400. What became the most lethal civil disaster in Israel’s history was a result of negligence construction. 

The work invites the viewer to wander freely through the empty ruins of a cheap, kitschy wedding set, to throw around remaining foods from abandoned tables, and to practice free fall. However, the technology of the medium is used not in order to indulge in disaster porn or to simulate the physical experience of plunging to your death, but rather in order to conceptually contemplate an architecturally vertical being.