VR, Video, Timber, Perspect, Rabbit
Dims and duration variable

This installation, featuring the artist’s rabbit pet named ‘Dudu’, includes a virtual reality experience and real-life sculpture and video installation.

Dudu was given a new sculptural habitat in the gallery: a structure divided by a rear-projection, in which the famous Israeli conductor Yossi Bin Nun is seen conducting an orchestra playing the musical “Les Miserables” in a backroom, while it was broadcasted live for the actors performing on stage. The recording is the VR soundtrack. Dudu’s random movements in front and behind the screen interact with the projected image; at times blocking part of it, at times casting its shadow on it.

The VR space featured several levels of increasing fantasy and detachment from reality: a reconstruction of the installation’s real space; an imagined, elaborated rodent cage; and a lavish indoor pool in which Dudu and the artist engage in an erotic moment. The viewer, the conductor and Dudu are all stuck in an endless architectural or conceptual loop.