Foot Stretcher
Experimental Documentary
57:21 min

The film documents the artist’s year-long journey to become a ballerina, a hopeless attempt due to her age, lack of previous experience and body structure. A self-forced Sisyphean exercise routine, conversations with hired experts and trainers, improvised self-made stretching instruments-cum-sculptures and the obsessive watching of ballet videos all lead to her awaited goal: an audition for the Israeli ballet.

Combining traditional documentary methods with the aesthetics of experimental video art, dance cinema and make-over films, the work offers an intimate, scrutinizing yet humorist view on feminine puberty, shattered childhood dreams and the implication of ballet as both art and a punitive discipline subsumed in gender powers and erotic desires. The young art student’s life and art are constantly intermingled, as it is not clear whether she wishes to become a dancer for the sake of producing a film, or vice versa?