360° video
07:41 min

The 360-degree video work was shot with an improvised Dolly tripod made of a special camera attached to a control car, at Tel Aviv District Court (the documentation should enable rotating the footage, but this might not work in the slideroom). The camera passes through the court building, while the artist herself is seen operating it. A sense of menacing estrangement accompanies the video, as it is not clear where the artist, viewer and camera are located, and who is leading/following who. The failures and glitches in the technology further destabilize a sense of orientation.

Interspersing the footage are animated sequences of an airplane crash and a drive-in (more details in next images). The work deals with the human ability to document/witness, and the later legislative implications of these actions. The title, ‘Nephilot’, is the Hebrew female noun form of ‘Nephilim’, meaning biblical giant creatures. It also literally means “fallings”.

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