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Motherhood, control, imprinting, companion species agency, sex toys and dolls, animal breeders and breeding arrays and devices, Penile plethysmography and Vaginal photoplethysmograph, space colonization, castration as reality, castration as a metaphor, hormones interventions, solutionism, interspecies relationships, the use of animal fur

Footage Layout

Sex doll fabrication
Interview with Udi Fonio, zoologist and researcher at Weizmann Institute of Science
Fur collecting
Dudu & the doll first meeting
3D printing molds
Interviewing Dr. Matt Dean
Interviewing Dudu's vet, who performed the castration
Sex doll fur punching
filling up the doll
Documenting the doll when exhibited at Mané-Katz Museum (Haifa)
Soft robot fabrication
Dudu meets the soft robot

Found footage

Whitesides' soft robot
Animals VR
Amazon hunting products

Still need to film (Dudu)

Acts of care (?)

Adoption backstory (?)

Castration backstory


The story of the gloves 


sex dolls production line conveyor מסוע 

אולי יכולה לייצר מסוע קטן עם בובות קטנות ואז לצלם בזווית ובעדשה שיגרמו לזה להיראות בגודל מלא

Visiting rabbit breeders’ shows – trying to get female rabbit smell-inducing substances and “breeding advice”

Dudu in the RI’s lunar sand simulation ranch (?)

Consultation with the MoonRanger team about creating my own robot for Dudu

Using a shake table during my silicone casting of Dudu’s soft robot – in reference to the shake table the MR use during vibe testing. 

Interview with expert – how do rabbit see the world? sight system 

Perhaps interviewing Austin Stewart

Taking Dudu’s head measurements

VR headset fabrication


Dudu (not) wearing the headset 

VR seduction experience – interface