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Video documentation of two scientific initiatives that can both be read through the concept of “Solutionism“: the human assumption that comprehensive social or cultural issues, most often created by humanity in the first place, can always be solved by technology-based endeavors. 

The first initiative is the MoonRanger, an autonomous micro-rover bound for the lunar south pole to explore for lunar ice, or more simply put: water. The MoonRanger is a collaboration between NASA and the Robotics Institute of CMU and will be launched to the moon mounted on SpaceX’s “Falcon 9” rocket. Moonringer’s mission can be directly linked to the consequences of the climate crisis, and its outcomes could hold significant implications for the continuity of the human species. 

The second initiative is an independent and somewhat bizarre one: the artist’s consistent but hopeless attempts to restore her castrated pet rabbit’s libido. These include interviews with researchers and veterinarians; the creation of a sculptural sex doll for the rabbit, the fabrication of an inflating soft robot; and the production of a customized VR headset for a rabbit, offering a seductive VR experience.

The parallel inquiry of the two, perhaps evenly ambitious yet incredibly different, initiatives allows for an absurd reflection on solutionism, companion species, and space colonization.

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Motherhood, control, space colonization, imprinting, companion species agency, sex toys/dolls, animal breeders and breeding arrays and devices, Penile plethysmography and Vaginal photoplethysmograph, castration as reality, castration as a metaphor – (a moment of libidinal loss in art, decadence/degeneration, self-neutering), hormones interventions, solutionism, interspecies relationships, the use of animal fur, degeneration, doomed to fail, foot fetish, prostheses, consumer culture, using materials from Dudu himself

Recent three-channel layout and installation test

The Shake Table

3D model of the shake table I plan to fabricate

Sculptural Test Installation #1 - The Diorama

Sculptural Test Installation #1 - Moon Rabbit

Rabbit shows footage

Dudu's lost libido footage

Macro Dudu Eye
Sex doll fabrication
Interview with Udi Fonio, zoologist and researcher at Weizmann Institute of Science
Fur collecting
Dudu & the doll first meeting
3D printing molds
Interviewing Dr. Matt Dean
Legs fabrication
VR headset fabrication
The VR headset (simulation)
Interviewing Dudu's vet, who performed the castration
The doll - fur punching
Filling up the doll
Documenting the doll when exhibited at Mané-Katz Museum (Haifa)
Soft robot fabrication
Dudu meets the soft robot
Legs fabrication
Taking Dudu's head measurements

Found footage

Whitesides' soft robot
Animals VR
Amazon hunting products

Still need to film (Dudu)

Dolls production line conveyor simulation

Dudu meeting the legs

VR seduction experience – interface

Dudu (not) wearing the headset 

MoonRanger footage

Interview with Dan, lead of mechanical team
LOAF assembly
TerraMule testing
solar panel machinery
TerraMule testing 030422
TerraMule photoshoot
TerraMule testing 260322
Interview with Olivia, lead of Simulation team
Thermal testing in vacuum chamber
Demos for VIP visit
EMI test
Interview with Systems team leader
Interview with Lydia, lead of Avionics and Mission Ops
Group photo
LOAF machinery
solar panel assembly cleanroom
TerraMule testing 030422
PR still photo for NASA
Interview with KJ, NSS Avionics Lead
Olivia interview screen recording
Interview with Thermal team leader
Laser calibration cleanroom
EMI test
Interview with software team leader

Found footage

Shake table testing
Line Striping testing
MoonRanger Shadow Sim
Crowdfund Mission Control Draft 5
Lunar pit
Fauxranger - simulation software