Inbar Hagai

About me

I'm an artist and filmmaker, specializing in video & XR. I produce, direct, edit, animate and work with after effects and color correction.

Here are a few of the projects I've worked on:


A collaboration between CMU, Astrobotic Technology, and NASA Ames Research Center, the MoonRanger is an autonomous micro-rover designed to locate ice on the lunar south pole.

Role on the project: Videographer, Video Editor, Photographer, and Graphic Designer


360° video, 2022, 07:53 min

Exhibited at Hamidrasha Gallery, Tel Aviv.


Role on the project: Creator, XR Producer, Animator, Video Editor

Under Control

Virtual reality sci-fi video game, 2021

Exhibited at Cannes XR

Role on the project: XR Producer


Interactive VR, 2019

Exhibited at The Center for Digital Art, Holon.

Role on the project: Creator, XR Producer, Animator

Foot Stretcher

Documentary Film, 2017

Premiered at DocAviv Film Festival, Tel Aviv.

Role on the project:  Creator, Producer, Videographer, and Video Editor

A few more projects:


A short film by Alma Givoni, 2021

Role on the project: VIdeo editor

The Talking Bush

Video work by Oree Holban & Elianna Renner, 2021

Role on the project: VIdeo Editor and Color Corrector

Promotional Videos & Event Documentation

For The School of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University (2022-2024)

Role on the project: Videographer, VIdeo editor